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Punja Loom (IKEA Model) Manufacturers in India The traditional Punja looms are available with oldest techniques to manufacture Durries/carpets with minimal technology advancements. Due to tiring procedures & hard work on it, nobody like be a part of this profession, any more. Therefore, Dashmesh tried to make this loom possible with the effortless working on it & getting more productivity. And now the loom is ready for use in big scale. This Punja Loom is operated by only one person, it has adjustable height and comfortable seating positions to increases the production output. It is designed to produce better quality durries/carpets while increasing the productivity by 28-35%. This Punja Loom is easy in operation & its user-friendly design will reduce work related health issues. Because of easy & effortless operation more women & aged weavers can be work on it. The Punja Loom only requires couples of hours of training. This loom has some mechanical feature whereas in old punja loom, required hard physically effort during the weaving i.e. shedding / beating / take-up. These mechanised features also providing a better & healthy life to the weavers. The Punja Loom has the technology needed to transform the Rugs & Carpets industry and will attract many more people to join the weaving profession. This innovation is also a positive step towards a sustainable future for Business and People in the carpet industry.
We are the Leading Power Rug Loom Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers in Panipat | Haryana | India. With the assistance of our adept engineers, we are manufacturing and offering our clients a wide gamut of Power Rug Loom which is widely used in Textile Industry to make all types of Handloom & Pittloom products automatically. These are sturdy in construction, durable, highly efficient and offer optimum performance for a longer duration. We proffer these Power Rug Loom in diverse technical specifications and at industry leading prices. Additional Information We have a well equipped R& D in which every year we develop new products. Recently we have developed some extra ordinary products for Textile Industry. Here we called these products as Rug Loom & Carpet Loom. Benefits of both are given below. Rug Loom: Long time ago the making of daris / mats / floor coverings were only on handlooms. Which was on older technique? In our new era, new technologies are developing every where. Our science and revolutionary technology has proved their selves in all working fields. Such as telecommunications, air craft, telebrands, medical line etc. Since each field is growing with advanced technology an newly inventions. But our handloom industry still uses older technique. Which are very pity / miserable? We develop Rug Loom by which all the products of handloom are making on this loom instead of handloom. On this machine all motions which are required to make any handloom products can be operated automatically. That means no need to push extra efforts of manpower. Now it is easy & cheap to make Handloom items on our Machine.
Unique fusion of old and latest technology Traditional Handloom with latest computerized Jacquard helping to produce ebstract as well various design carpet weaving